White Rock Weekend

I spent most of my extra time at White Rock this weekend. I did visit a new place on Saturday morning but nothing seems to compare to White Rock (at least not yet). Beginning on Friday evening through Sunday evening, I photographed several different birds. I was most excited when I found a Screech Owl family, mom and three babies. I have a Mockingbird to thank for that. Standing under a certain tree, I heard the commotion before I saw the Screech Owl fly away. I didn’t know it was a Screech Owl at the time. Waiting to see if this bird would come back, I wandered around for a few minutes but then decided to check the original spot again and that is when I noticed the three owlets. I called Robert, a fellow photographer, and told him what I found. He made it within a few minutes and it wasn’t until after he arrived that I noticed the adult owl in a nearby tree. I shared the find with JR Compton and another friend but swore her to secrecy. These owls are in such an open spot that I don’t really want too many people disturbing them, including myself.

Wood Duck at Sunset Bay

Wood Duck at Sunset Bay

Baby Wood Ducks
Wood Duck Babies

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher at Boy Scout Hill

Red-bellied Woodpecker at Sunset Bay

Baltimore Oriole at Winfrey Point

Same Oriole on the ground at Winfrey Point

Screech Owlet – They are flying from branch to branch and this one landed on this perch for about a minute before moving on.

Screech Owlet – This is the same one as above. The other two were hiding behind some leaves.

Screech Owlet – This owlet kept peeking at me through the leaves. I never really saw more of this one than what you see.

Adult Screech Owl

Adult Screech Owl

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