Today at White Rock Lake (3/27/17)

Here are a few photos from today at White Rock Lake.

I spotted these two ducks as I drove along Lawther. I knew they were different so I took quite a few photos in hopes that at least one of the photos would come out.
These two were bullying the mallards that were resting. It was interesting to watch.
The setting sun provided some beautiful lighting for this shot of the Blue Heron.
He wasn’t afraid. He spent some time staring at me before moving on.

2 thoughts on “Today at White Rock Lake (3/27/17)”

  1. Great shots Anna !!! I saw all your photos, amazing photography. I was at Sunset bay this Wednesday, and took some shots . However, it is always better to do some photography with a photographer like you and learn. Let me know if I can shoot with you next time. I can a learn a thing or two about bird photography from you.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I’m really a point and shoot type photographer. I’m still learning myself. My schedule is never really set so I just shoot whenever I get some time.

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