Texas Buckeye Trail









North American Nature Photography Association Meetup Group
Texas Buckeye Trail, Great Trinity Forest

I had a great time at my first NANPA North Texas Meetup. I found out about the meetup yesterday and decided to join and participate. It’s important to me to keep exploring and expanding my photography opportunities. There were probably more than thirty people and the photography skill level varied among everyone. I am definitely a beginner. Next step, study my camera settings. I had a quick lesson in the field about aperture from Sean Fitzgerald and he also suggested that I have to just start playing with the settings until I feel comfortable enough with each to control the outcome for each shot. Even then, there will be more to learn.

Ben Sandifer led the group on the hike to the buckeye trees. The mud was unbelievable but the hike was still fun (and great exercise). Making it by 7am was a bit of a challenge but I’m glad I did. I posted a few photos from this morning that I liked best.

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