Friday at White Rock Lake

I was able to visit White Rock Lake twice on Friday (3/3/17). It was such a beautiful sunny day that I couldn’t resist taking two hours just for myself Friday morning. I rarely do that so it was a special treat. I might need to do that more often. I ran into JR and we talked a little about camera lenses while keeping an eye out for birds at Sunset Bay. Some of these photos are from my morning visit and some from my afternoon visit. I’m writing this on Saturday morning and I haven’t made it out yet. It is cloudy so I may not make it today. We’ll see…

There were many more Cedar Waxwings than appear in this shot. It was a nice surprise. These are actually in a tree in a yard right across from White Rock of off Lawther. They kept flying between trees in the yard and trees at the lake.
This is the less common view of the Cedar Waxwing. Usually I see the front view with the vibrant yellow.
I was excited to see this Northern Flicker at Sunset Bay. I noticed it land in the trees beyond the little island and I was able to get a couple of photos before it flew off. This is a crop because it really was far off.
We had a few Northern Shovelers at Sunset Bay on Friday. They didn’t come too close too often so I was happy when I got this one.
The Wood Duck is one of my all time favorite ducks to photograph. They are so colorful and photograph so well. I’m afraid many more photos of them are yet to come.
I’m learning my small songbirds. I really like the mood of this photo.
I was capturing the Shoveler when the Teal decided to fly in and land for the photo. Nice surprise.
Busted. They spotted me. The Blue-winged Teal stayed around for a few minutes at Sunset Bay before disappearing.
The Blue-winged Teal stayed for a few minutes. I was hoping to get them in flight but they swam away.
The Blue-winged Teal kept an eye on me as they swam away to one of the coves.
I can’t leave Sunset Bay without a photo or two of the Mallards.
Northern Shoveler in flight.

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