Flowers and Feathers

Trial Tulip

Red & White Tulip

Colorful Tulip

Dogwood Flower

Dogwood Flower

The tulips at the arboretum are almost gone. Most have been replaced by colorful ground cover. I was hoping to spend some more time there but 5pm came too fast and a guy on a cart was driving around clearing the garden of all us stragglers. The sunlight was beautiful so I was taking several shots of the dogwood with various amounts of light when I finally just had to leave. Which flowers come after the tulips? I will soon find out.

Female Wood Duck on a Mission

Sleeping Mallard

Canada Geese

Blue Heron with Twig

Blue Heron with Red Straw

Sunset Bay was just full of activity tonight. The DPD officers that patrol the lake stopped to talk for a while. I saw the Canada Geese fly in and a Blue Heron found a red straw. I missed a few action shots which just makes me want to get the new Nikon even more. I think I have proven to myself that I can be consistent with photography so with careful budgeting the new camera should be a good investment.

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