Ducks (No Owls)

I was hopeful that I would find the Screech Owl family again. I tried last night and again tonight. No luck! They must have moved on and so will I. I’m just glad I happened to see them when I did. Walk slow and pay attention because you never know what you might see.

A Mandarin Duck has appeared at Sunset Bay. It isn’t as colorful as the last one that we saw and it doesn’t have the golden paddle wings that make it so distinct. Unless it is going through some seasonal change, it isn’t the same one. But that’s okay because this one likes to stay in one place and pose. The other one wouldn’t stop for a second so I never got a good shot. I don’t know how long it will stay but it adds to the variety at Sunset Bay. Since it is closely related to the Wood Ducks, it has found the perfect place to hang out.

Male Wood Duck perched on a tree stump

Female Wood Duck perched high in a tree

Mandarin Duck at Sunset Bay

Posing Mandarin Duck

Posing Mandarin Duck

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