White Rock Lake on Friday Evening 3/31/17

The Swedish Ducks are still hanging around White Rock Lake. They didn’t seem to mind me today.
They sure do stay close together.
I was hoping to catch the color on the head in this shot. The light cooperated with me.
He perched himself on a perfect spot to watch everything that was happening on Sunset Bay. He stayed as long as he could. A little girl kept chasing the birds whcih made them all skittish.
I don’t know these birds. They flew over Sunset Bay this evening.
More and more Wood Ducks are arriving at Sunset Bay.
He stared at me so I stared back, and I got a few photos.
The baby Barred Owls made an early appearance this year. They usually appear the second or third week of April.

Today at White Rock Lake (3/27/17)

Here are a few photos from today at White Rock Lake.

I spotted these two ducks as I drove along Lawther. I knew they were different so I took quite a few photos in hopes that at least one of the photos would come out.
These two were bullying the mallards that were resting. It was interesting to watch.
The setting sun provided some beautiful lighting for this shot of the Blue Heron.
He wasn’t afraid. He spent some time staring at me before moving on.

Friday at White Rock Lake

I was able to visit White Rock Lake twice on Friday (3/3/17). It was such a beautiful sunny day that I couldn’t resist taking two hours just for myself Friday morning. I rarely do that so it was a special treat. I might need to do that more often. I ran into JR and we talked a little about camera lenses while keeping an eye out for birds at Sunset Bay. Some of these photos are from my morning visit and some from my afternoon visit. I’m writing this on Saturday morning and I haven’t made it out yet. It is cloudy so I may not make it today. We’ll see…

There were many more Cedar Waxwings than appear in this shot. It was a nice surprise. These are actually in a tree in a yard right across from White Rock of off Lawther. They kept flying between trees in the yard and trees at the lake.
This is the less common view of the Cedar Waxwing. Usually I see the front view with the vibrant yellow.
I was excited to see this Northern Flicker at Sunset Bay. I noticed it land in the trees beyond the little island and I was able to get a couple of photos before it flew off. This is a crop because it really was far off.
We had a few Northern Shovelers at Sunset Bay on Friday. They didn’t come too close too often so I was happy when I got this one.
The Wood Duck is one of my all time favorite ducks to photograph. They are so colorful and photograph so well. I’m afraid many more photos of them are yet to come.
I’m learning my small songbirds. I really like the mood of this photo.
I was capturing the Shoveler when the Teal decided to fly in and land for the photo. Nice surprise.
Busted. They spotted me. The Blue-winged Teal stayed around for a few minutes at Sunset Bay before disappearing.
The Blue-winged Teal stayed for a few minutes. I was hoping to get them in flight but they swam away.
The Blue-winged Teal kept an eye on me as they swam away to one of the coves.
I can’t leave Sunset Bay without a photo or two of the Mallards.
Northern Shoveler in flight.

A Beautiful Day at White Rock Lake

The forecast said Saturday (2/25/17) was going to be a beautiful day and it sure did turn out to be that way. I started at 7:30am at Boy Scout Hill and worked my way during the next 4 hours to Sunset Bay. Here are some photos from my morning. The last three photos are from the afternoon. I made it back for about 30 minutes as the sun went down. Great way to start and end the day!

There were a few pelicans by the pedestrian bridge as the sun came up.
He watched me as I approached his tree and then he went right back to sleep. He must have known I meant no harm.
This is a very close crop of the same sleeping Barred Owl. He seems to be peeking.
I am happy to have seen these Wood Ducks fly by as I was at Boy Scout Hill. I watched as closely as I could and then, I found them. I had to zigzag behind a few trees to get close enough to take these photos without scaring them away.
This is one of my new favorite photos. I have several photos of them with a green background but not a nice blue one. The morning light gave everything such a nice color.
Several, if not all, of the mallards flew away from Sunset Bay when some guys put boats in the water at the dock. I’m standing at Drefuss Point for this photo.
I’m getting closer to getting a good photo of the Buffleheads. This one doesn’t show the beautiful colors that come out with the sun.
They are so fast that you have to always be ready when watching them. This one took off and I was able to get a couple of non-blurred photos. I’m still trying for the beautiful colors.
This is the new resident at Sunset Bay. He/she is injured so she has been hanging around. It is a safe place for her so hopefully she does okay.
They were waiting for Charles. They lined up perfectly for this shot.
I love this one! I know it is a big blur but I love that it caught the eye.

Mostly Pelicans (1/28/17)

It was windy and cold at White Rock Lake today. I dressed appropriately but I just can’t seem to find a way to keep my hands warm. I can stay out only as long as I can take my freezing fingers. I started and ended the day at Sunset Bay today. I visited a few other places around the lake in between.

I stayed out a little longer than I might otherwise have mainly because I was using my new Tamron 150-600 for the first time. I really like it but I may have to join a gym to build some muscles in my arms. I definitely gave myself a workout by sticking with that lense throughout the day. I was tempted to change to the 16-300 but I challenged myself to keep going. So, here are a few photos from today.

Northern Pintail Pair
These pintails have been hanging around Sunset Bay for a while. A second male has also been seen.
Pelican Line-up
Preening pelicans
Flying Low
I was able to get some close shots of the pelicans at Sunset Bay.
This pelican was just gliding by. I really like the color on this one.
Wings Up
I really like capturing birds when the sun sparkles on the water. This pelican was getting ready to fly off.
Taking Off
I love the sparkles in the water.
Flying Away
This is the third photo in a series
Single Pelican
All alone at the lake.
Just Passing By
Captured at Sunset Bay from the dock.
Fighting for Space
I watched as the pelican swam by a few times and then forced his way onto the log.

Big Bend National Park (Posted 1/22/17)

I had a great trip to Big Bend National Park during the first week of January. I would love to go back in the spring. With as many birds as I saw during this winter trip, I can just imagine what I would see during the spring season.

Below are some of the photos from the trip. Almost all of them were taken on the trails within the Chisos Mountains. We didn’t make it to the Rio Grande on this trip. That leaves something to look forward to for next time.

Cactus Wren
The Window at Big Bend
Cactus Wren
Say’s Phoebe

Mexican Jay
Canyon Towhee
Loggerhead Shrike
Big Bend
Ladder-backed Woodpecker
Red-tailed Hawks

Pelicans from December 24th (posted 1/1/17)

I enjoy photographing the pelicans at White Rock Lake. I know that I have taken more photos that I can share so I am dedicating this entry to some of my favorite pelican photos to date. They were all taken on the same day, December 24th, at T&P Hill. A special thanks to Jim Hogan for sending me a message and letting me know they were at this location. I know that as the new year begins, there will be many more pelican photos because the next one just might be my next favorite.