An Hour at the Lake

I saw two other photographers looking at something so, naturally, I walked over. They had noticed this Bluebird. I was able to get this before it flew away.

The wood ducks are getting very brave. They are getting closer so it is easier to get closer shots, even with a zoom.

The is the hawk’s nest that some people have noticed. Hopefully everything is okay in there.


Wildflower – I think.

More wildflowers

Scissor tailed flycatcher – This is such an interesting bird to watch. I need a better camera so that I can capture it flying.

I spent an hour at the lake this evening and was able to see these different birds and flowers. I am beginning to have a better understanding of how the seasons affect the lake and the animals that can be seen. I should probably keep a small notebook in my backpack so that I can keep a few notes and make a timeline that spans a year.

Now that the barred owls and owlets have made it to the wooded area, everyone (photographers) has gone their own way. I saw a couple of them but not in the same place as I did when we were all looking at the owl family. It was really nice to be part of a small community that had nature photography in common. Now that I’m able to spend more time outdoors, I hope to network and build friendships with more photographers.

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  1. Beautiful photos as always! I was out at the Owl field on Tues and they were in the woods hooting. It was great to hear them! Last night I went to Winfrey Point and saw Jim, we walked down to Sunset Bay and saw Eric then over to the field across from the Hawk’s nest and saw the blue birds. Ben and Robert showed up! It was nice to see them. I always learn so much. But I missed seeing you! Give me a call sometime if you want to meet up! Miss the owls and my owl friends! Take care!

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