An Hour at the Lake

I saw two other photographers looking at something so, naturally, I walked over. They had noticed this Bluebird. I was able to get this before it flew away.

The wood ducks are getting very brave. They are getting closer so it is easier to get closer shots, even with a zoom.

The is the hawk’s nest that some people have noticed. Hopefully everything is okay in there.


Wildflower – I think.

More wildflowers

Scissor tailed flycatcher – This is such an interesting bird to watch. I need a better camera so that I can capture it flying.

I spent an hour at the lake this evening and was able to see these different birds and flowers. I am beginning to have a better understanding of how the seasons affect the lake and the animals that can be seen. I should probably keep a small notebook in my backpack so that I can keep a few notes and make a timeline that spans a year.

Now that the barred owls and owlets have made it to the wooded area, everyone (photographers) has gone their own way. I saw a couple of them but not in the same place as I did when we were all looking at the owl family. It was really nice to be part of a small community that had nature photography in common. Now that I’m able to spend more time outdoors, I hope to network and build friendships with more photographers.

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