All About Katie

I didn’t intend to spend most of my time focusing on Katie. It just worked out that way. I am trying to capture her in different situations such as spreading her wings or flying. Not an easy task. Especially when you want the light to be just right. Here the wind has blown her feathers up just a bit.

The sunlight is slightly caught under her wings as she glides by.

Finally! This is one of the better shots I have of Katie spreading her wings with some nice lighting. I’ll keep trying to get an even better shot.

Well, that’s Katie flying away. I turned my attention to a Red-winged Blackbird and she took flight. I heard her before I saw her and this was all I was able to get. I waited and waited. I figured she would fly back in and I was not going to miss that. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it back before the sun went down. I will keep trying!

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