A Beautiful Day at White Rock Lake

The forecast said Saturday (2/25/17) was going to be a beautiful day and it sure did turn out to be that way. I started at 7:30am at Boy Scout Hill and worked my way during the next 4 hours to Sunset Bay. Here are some photos from my morning. The last three photos are from the afternoon. I made it back for about 30 minutes as the sun went down. Great way to start and end the day!

There were a few pelicans by the pedestrian bridge as the sun came up.
He watched me as I approached his tree and then he went right back to sleep. He must have known I meant no harm.
This is a very close crop of the same sleeping Barred Owl. He seems to be peeking.
I am happy to have seen these Wood Ducks fly by as I was at Boy Scout Hill. I watched as closely as I could and then, I found them. I had to zigzag behind a few trees to get close enough to take these photos without scaring them away.
This is one of my new favorite photos. I have several photos of them with a green background but not a nice blue one. The morning light gave everything such a nice color.
Several, if not all, of the mallards flew away from Sunset Bay when some guys put boats in the water at the dock. I’m standing at Drefuss Point for this photo.
I’m getting closer to getting a good photo of the Buffleheads. This one doesn’t show the beautiful colors that come out with the sun.
They are so fast that you have to always be ready when watching them. This one took off and I was able to get a couple of non-blurred photos. I’m still trying for the beautiful colors.
This is the new resident at Sunset Bay. He/she is injured so she has been hanging around. It is a safe place for her so hopefully she does okay.
They were waiting for Charles. They lined up perfectly for this shot.
I love this one! I know it is a big blur but I love that it caught the eye.

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