Mallards, Pelicans and Sunsets

These photos were all taken on December 19 or December 20. I take many more than I could ever post so I must learn to be more selective with what I keep.

The first sunset pictures are from December 19 and the second set with the red and purple are from December 20. I’m glad I stayed a little longer on the 20th otherwise I would have missed these.

I have been spending a lot of my time trying to capture the mallards in flight at Sunset Bay.
Until I get a new lense for my D500, I am having to crop most of my photos. I am having trouble deciding which lense will be best, so it’s taking time. Here is a pair of mallards at Sunset Bay.
Mallards at Sunset Bay
Pelican Portrait
Incoming pelicans as seen from the small dock at Sunset Bay.
Sunset at White Rock Lake with Downtown Dallas in the distance
Sunset at Sunset Bay
Slightly different version of the same sunset.
This is the same sunset just taken a few minutes apart from the others.
Sunset Bay
Sunset Bay
Sunset Bay