Exploring White Rock Lake

I enjoy having White Rock Lake to explore. I started my connection to White Rock at Sunset Bay and I have slowly started to expand the number of places that I regularly visit. On Friday afternoon, I was able to spend some time at a field photographing the Scissor-tailed Flycatchers. They are acrobatic in their movements – definitely a joy to watch. As I was leaving, already in my car, I spotted two colorful birds fly by and land in a tree a few feet away. I didn’t know it at the time but they were Baltimore Orioles. They were only in the tree for a couple of minutes before they flew off but those two minutes made the entire evening much more special, much more exciting. Lesson learned – be aware of activity around you at all times because you never know what you might find. The main lesson is that you must be out exploring in order to enjoy what nature has to offer.








Male Wood Ducks

I seem to be fascinated by the male wood duck. Catching them in just the right light brings out the beautiful colors and patterns that make them so unique. I usually find a spot with great lighting and then patiently wait for one to swim through that perfect spot. For these two pictures, I actually found one out of the water with some greenery in the background that added to the overall color in the photos. I’m not sure how long they will be at White Rock, but for now, they have my attention.



Western Kingbirds

I spent a few minutes at a part of the lake that I hadn’t visited before and found a few Western Kingbirds. I noticed the yellow first and then quietly walked to where they were hoping that they wouldn’t fly off. I wasn’t sure what they were yet so I asked a fellow photographer and he confirmed what I was thinking – Western Kingbirds. The more time I spend at the lake the better I’m getting at spotting the birds. Now if only I could identify them all.