First Day of Spring

I’m glad I walked around the butterfly house a few times. It is like a real world visual puzzle, trying to find hidden butterflies. This beauty was just quietly resting as I walked by for the last time. I don’t know it’s name and I have never seen one like it before. Update: I discovered that this is a White Morpho.

Texas Bluebonnets
I enjoyed visiting the butterfly house and gardens. I noticed these beautiful bluebonnets as I was leaving. Nothing says spring like Texas Bluebonnets.

Pelicans are still at the lake. I couldn’t resist visiting for a few minutes (turned into an hour) on my way home. There were quite a few pelicans fairly close so I was able to get some good photos. This one spent quite a while preening, while the others slept, before it finally swam off. Time to go home. Beautiful first day of spring!

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